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Sep 10

Issue #288

War of the Cities

The Thirteen Years War

By David R. Higgins
The Teutonic Knights came late to the “Northern Crusade” against Europe’s last pagans, but quickly established themselves as the dominant power on the southeastern shore of the Baltic Sea. They soon ran afoul of the mercantilist Hanseatic cities on one side, and Poland and Lithuania on the other. War broke out in 1454; by the time it ended, the map of eastern Europe had been redrawn.

May 30

Issue #287

Descent Into the Abyss:

The Sierra Leone Civil War 1991-2002

By Terence Co
The roots of Sierra Leone’s civil war lie in aftermath of the 1964 death of the country’s first prime minister, Sir Milton Margai. He had governed since independence in 1961, concentrating on building Sierra Leone’s infrastructure. His Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) remained in power until 1967, when it was voted out for incompetence and corruption. The new president, Siaka Stevens of the All People’s Congress (APC), proceeded to pillage the country’s economy and infrastructure, then outlawed the SLPP. His successor, Joseph Momoh, was even more inept and corrupt. By 1991, Sierra Leone had a collapsed economy, was one of the world’s most poorest countries, and was ripe for internal violence.

Mar 19

Issue #286

Pakistan’s War
Against the Taliban

By Carl O. Schuster
Pakistani President Asif Zadari’s July 2010 statement that his country was failing in its war on the Taliban highlights the difficulty Pakistan faces in combating the powerful and pervasive insurgent group. Islamabad’s efforts face myriad military, political and psychological challenges.

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