Sample Articles
Mar 19

Issue #286

Pakistan’s War
Against the Taliban

By Carl O. Schuster
Pakistani President Asif Zadari’s July 2010 statement that his country was failing in its war on the Taliban highlights the difficulty Pakistan faces in combating the powerful and pervasive insurgent group. Islamabad’s efforts face myriad military, political and psychological challenges.

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Jan 10

Issue #285

Vietnam Icons: M-16 & M-60

By Blaine Taylor
Every war has weaponry uniquely associated with it. For Vietnam, that list would include the AK-47 assault rifle, the Viet Cong punji stake, and the Bell UH-1 “Huey” helicopter. Near the top of the list would be the two primary weapons of the US Army and Marine combat soldiers: the M-16 rifle and the M-60 machinegun…

Oct 31

Issue #284

Qadafi ’s Military Misadventures

By William Stroock
To Americans of a certain age, Col. Moamar Qadafi , president for life of Libya, was a blustering buffoon, a toy dictator mocked on T-shirts calling him “Qadafi Duck.” For much of Africa, however, Qadafi was a dangerous revolutionary, seeding chaos and terror throughout the continent. Seeking to spread his brand of Pan-Arab and -African socalism, Qadafi waged war against the nations of Egypt, Uganda, and Chad. His African adventures ended in failure and humiliation, costing billions in treasure and equipment and thousands of lives.

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