A perfect storm of anniversaries.

2014 is an interesting year.

It is 2000 years since Varus and three legions were annihilated in the Teutobergerwald

200 since Napoleon’s virtuoso performance in northern France

150 since Grant & Lee clashed in the Wilderness and Sherman & Johnston tangoed to Atlanta

100 since Schlieffen and Plan XVII and Tannenberg and the Marne

70 since the Allies landed in Normandy and Hitler struck back in the Bulge

50 since US troops landed in Vietnam.

I’m probably forgetting others, and next year will be more of the same. We’re going to recognize as many of these as possible with articles taking new looks at old topics. If you have any ideas, I’d love to hear them.

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The editor of Strategy & Tactics magazine, the Strategy & Tactics Press book line, and the primary developer for the folio and mini game lines for Decision Games. Author of dozens of articles and the first book in the S&T Press line, The Quest for Annihilation, he has also designed more than 30 wargames, focused on the tactical and grand tactical levels. He served six years as an Army officer in armor and mechanized infantry units.

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