Digital FAQ

If you are looking for PDF versions of our back issues, you can purchase an S&T Digital Archive Membership here:  STP Digital Archive 

Strategy & Tactics Digital Archive Description from the website:

To order this item you MUST have a store account established for it to be activated. Do not order under guest payment option.

Get full access to all magazine back issues in PDF format! Currently includes Strategy & Tactics issue #1 to issue #300, World at War #1 to #50, Modern War #1 to #25, and the first 60 issues of MOVES (SPI edition). It now includes the Strategy & Tactics Comprehensive Article Index (Article listings from ST #1-300)!

The PDFs are downloadable onto your computer. The games are NOT included in the digital archive.

To view the archive after purchase:
Your new online archive (12-month) access may take until the next business day to be activated
You must be logged in to access the digital archive. When logged in, a tab named “Digital Archive” will appear in the left menu of the store page. Click the tab to view the archive.


Digital subscriptions start with the next issue to be posted, NOT the current issue.

The digital subscription app will not recognize your login details until the date that the first issue in your subscription is posted.

The digital issue posting dates are located here:

The digital subscription is downloaded from an app that is found ONLY in the Apple App Store (Android app is currently in development). There is an app for each publication, so if you get a subscription to Modern War, you need to download Modern War, not the World at War or the Strategy & Tactics apps.


The Strategy & Tactics App:  Strategy & Tactics Magazine App

The World at War App:  World at War Magazine App

The Modern War App:  Modern War Magazine App

How do I change my password or recover my account?

  1. Step 1

    The Login Page for the digital app will look like this, but with each app showing the proper title:

  2. Step 2

    Once you login using your credentials that you created on the website when you purchased your subscription, you will see the following page:

    This is basically your home page for the app. This will always show you the issue that is currently available for download.

  3. Step 3

    The following picture shows you what your settings bar contains:

  4. Step 4

    The following picture shows you what your Archive will look like once you have downloaded a few issues: